Our digital workers accelerate the digital service processes already in several dozen knowledge-intensive organizations in the Nordic countries. The quickest adopters have moved from pilots to large-scale production.

Digital workers can be found in many teams across IT, HR, customer service and back-office. In functions where it is desirable to increase knowledge work productivity and build competitive advantage with intelligent automation.


  • Healthcare

  • Public sector

  • Banking and insurance

  • BPO and other knowledge intensive organisations

Examples of automated processes

  • Ordering and delivering balance and interest rate certificates

    Bank customers sometimes need certificates regarding their accounts, loans, and collaterals. These certificates are particularly necessary in connection with customer business’ financial statements. Many of these certificate orders come in at the busy end of the year, and the bank’s employees can’t keep to the promised delivery time. Before automation, bank employees had to retrieve data from as well as place certificate orders in different systems. The manual process took a total of about 20 minutes.


    The digital worker retrieves the data and prepares the certificate in half the time, before sending it to the customer.


    Banking and insurance

  • Acting on behalf of a minor child on the healthcare communication e-platform

    If the parent wants to act on behalf of a minor child, for example to make appointments to clinics or school nurse, he must claim the right to do so by submitting an online application. The city’s health secretaries review the application and compare the submitted profile to the data found on the Population Information System, to verify custody. After verifying custody the secretaries transfer the filed data to local health care systems. Checking and transferring information from the submitted applications takes on average two hours of every secretary’s working day.


    While the secretaries continue to review custody legitimity, digital employees automated the process of transferring information from the application to the city’s oral and primary health care systems. In the past finishing the process took several days, but automation has made the service is available to users within 24h.


    Public administration

  • Booking appointments for radiotherapy patients

    The appointment booking for radiotherapy patients is a manual process prone to errors and burdens the medical staff. A referral is made for all first-time patients, after which a series of appointments is registered on the appointment system running from the first treatment booking. In order to make the appointments, the nurses look through several systems searching for available times on the calendar view.


    The digital workers were set to enter patient information, search for available times, and register new appointments directly into the system. Errors occur significantly less, and the process is much faster.



  • Automating payroll data changes

    Companies specialized in payroll administration receive files from their customers that are transferred in their payroll system. These files include, for example, information on changes considering employees. The received data is recorded on a separate check form, in accordance with certain requirements, before the accountant may sign and file the form.


    In the past, checking files and entrying data was done manually. Now, digital employees automatically search for customer files and record the required information on check forms to be quickly and efficiently archived.


    BPO (business process outsourcing)