The potential of robotic process automation is not widely recognised in organisations. Furthermore, the effectiveness of old operation models is not questioned. We offer a full range of services related to digital workforce, from analysing the potential of automation to an ongoing delivery service. Our services, mostly cloud-based, are delivered in days and weeks.

  • Process assessment and proof-of-concept

    Process assessment

    Our process assessment scans and analyses the potential of digital workforce and identifies the current status across the different processes and tasks in the customer organisation. The customer will get a clear understanding and recognise the economical value of robotic process automation in his organisation. The service includes a deployment plan.


    The proof-of-concept demonstrates the business case and the benefits that automation brings to the selected processes and tasks. The output is a report outlining the validated and measured benefits of automation.

  • Deployment & enhancement


    In the deployment service we introduce, train and test the digital employee in the customer environment. The service output is a software robotics platform that automates the selected processes and tasks.


    The potential of digital employees is tremendous. Monitoring and enhancing the software robot can continuously increase efficiency and productivity. Continuous enhancement guarantees better optimisation for the software robots and increases the level of automation.

  • Digital workforce as cloud service

    Cloud service

    We deliver digital employees as an ongoing cloud-based service. The ongoing production and maintenance service ensures that digital employees perform at their best, maintaining high quality and precision. The customer learns to recognise new areas for development and to enhance the RPA environment. The service is based on a Service Level Agreement (SLA), which outlines the content of the service, and definitions of error-free and productivity.