Digital Workforce offers a range of services and tools to support organisations in their robotics journey. Our Digital Workers apply leading Intelligent Automation technology including Robotic Process Automation, Machine Learning and Cognitive Automation. Our services make it possible to achieve tangible results from Intelligent Process Automation very rapidly – in days and weeks.

  • Digital workers

    Robot as a Service

    Robot as a Service from the private cloud or Azure environments is the fastest and the most flexible way to utilise Digital Workers. The ISO/IEC 20000 certified Robot as a Service can also deliver CE-marked automation solutions.

    Run Management

    To ensure smooth 24/7 operation, maintenance and support Digital Workforce offers Run Management – a service that guarantees process maintenance and quality assurance.

    Mobile Management (available for cloud-customers)

    Mobile Management is a mobile and desktop application that allows customers to manage and monitor the performance of their Digital Workers anytime anywhere.

    RPA licenses for on-premise

    Robotics Process Automation licenses are also available as on-premise for our non-cloud customers.

  • Robotics consulting

    100-day Ramp-up

    Our unique 100-day Ramp-up programme gives the tools and the ability to quickly build the needed capabilities into the organisation and accelerate the roll-out of RPA.

    Potential Assessment

    Potential Assessment evaluates the overall potential for RPA and pinpoints different areas, where Intelligent Automation would be relevant.

    RPA Maturity Assessment

    Maturity Assessment evaluates, where the customer currently stands with Robotics. It identifies current strengths and areas for improvement.

    Support for Robotics Centre of Excellence

    Our consulting services provide support and best practises for customers’ Centre of Excellence, in areas such as process analysis, program management, technical environment optimization, and quality assurance.

  • Robotics deployment

    Accredited developers

    We have the largest and most experienced Robotics expert team in the Nordics. Our accredited developers deliver robust automations and help our clients’ teams succeed through mentoring and support.

    Certified training and eLearning

    With Digital Workforce’s certified training organisations can level up their robotic process automation skills. Available as online training or traditional classroom training.

    Repository (available for cloud-customers)

    Repository is the client organisation’s own object library, where reusable components are effortlessly collected, and made accessible to the whole robotics team.